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About Lotus

Lotus is a Women-Owned Minority Translation Company that values Quality above all else.  We are dedicated to helping our clients communicate their messages to the world accurately.

What Does Lotus Mean?

Lotus in the Asian culture means “Wisdom”.  We believe knowledge plays a key role in producing good translation quality and being able to service our clients in the best way possible.

What makes Lotus Different?

We believe that if you want high quality translations, you need to use high quality linguists.

Lotus believes in using the right linguist for the right content. We use professional linguists with knowledge in the subject matter of the content to be translated. Our sophisticated linguist qualification process ensures high quality translation, quick turnaround time and reduces the overall costs because our translations require less review time.

Who are Lotus Experts?

Other localization service providers brag about their large network of translators. But a network of 10,000 translators mean nothing to you, it's the 1 translator who work on your project that truly matters. Lotus only employs industry experts with extensive work experience and the right academic background. How precise does it get? We won't assign a general practitioner to translate FDA regulatory letters. An immigration paralegal is not suitable for M&A project. The list goes on and on. Subject Matter Expertise = Quality.

What are Lotus Quality Standards?

Lotus Translation is compliant to all the following international and industry-specific standards:

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 17100

  • ISO 27001

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. 

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