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Having the right team is half way to success. There are a few things you may want to consider: is it worth hiring internal management and linguistic team? Or is outsourcing an option? How about a QA team, and where can you find them?

With 20+ years industry experience, we offer insights into staffing and training of Localization Manager, Translators (in-house and remote), Quality Assurance staff, Testers, Project Managers, and much more. 

Let's admit it. The problem is technology overload. 

You want a Content Management Solution (CMS), but there are thousands of products out there.  You want a Translation Management Systems, there are not as many as CMS, but still too many to review. Even after you tackled all the selection issues, it's still too early to say "phew". Soon enough your IT department will notify you that the systems you chose are not compatible. 

Why not save the headache by asking someone like Lotus.  We have first hand experience with the technologies out there. Our consultants will use a systematic approach to understand your organization's need, evaluate customization workload, and provide you with the right solution. 



Deciding on which language to translate first isn't enough. And even the decision on languages is more challenging than most people think. Lotus can help you create an industry-tested workflow before you put any significant investment in. 

Many first-time localization users find themselves repeating tasks, double or even triple initial investment for lack of initial plan. Which regions are you trying to cover? How do you decide on that, sales number or market potential or population? Do you want regional variations, is it worth the effort? What's the ROI of localization? Which materials should be translated, and which should be created from scratch using target language? There are hundreds of questions to ask. Lotus can guide you through this. The end result is a lean, efficient, and regret-free workflow. 

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