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Lotus Proudly Serve Global Leaders In...

Consumer Product


Consumer Product industry is arguably the most diversified category in international business, and has the biggest impact on our lives. Accordingly, Lotus carefully select translators with matching expertise for each product and each company. This include but not limit to:

  • Apparel

  • Food and Beverage

  • Electronics

  • Personal Care

  • Retail and e-commerce

IT and Software


IT and software localization require not only linguistic accuracy but also deep understanding of user experience. In a way, it's an adaptation to local cultures at the technology level. Software localization can be a complex process if not planned right at the beginning. Lotus has experience in:

  • Agile Development Model

  • Technology Documentation Translation

  • Technical Marketing Collaterals

  • Software and Mobile App Localization

  • Linguistic and Functionality Testing

  • Gaming Localization and Testing

Life Science


Leveraging the expertise from medical, scientific, and healthcare professionals, Lotus offers localization assistance to life science companies in all stages; from discovery to market.  In addition to translating common technical documents, Lotus specializes in the following:

  • Linguistic Validation

  • Labeling (QRD template)

  • Clinical Research

  • Regulatory Submission

  • International Marketing

  • Adverse Event Report

  • Post-market surveillance

  • Patient-Related Material

Finance and Legal


Lotus finance and legal translators are well versed in international law and business. Finance and legal translation share the characteristics of special writing style, terminology familiarity, time-sensitivity, data security and confidentiality.


Lotus customers benefit from our customized approach that allows them to transfer intangibles across the languages and regions that they serve.

Lotus finance and legal translation are done in accordance with local laws and SEC regulations, and can be certified and notarized.



Globalization is manifested best in the manufacturing world. Lotus provides services in:

  • Technical Documentation

  • Online Support and User Assistance

  • Product and User Training

  • e-Learning

  • Product Specifications and Marketing Guides

  • Marketing and Sales Literature

  • Websites

  • Distributor and Vendor Materials

  • ERP Content and Software

  • Multimedia

  • Design Guides and Specifications

  • Compliance and Regulatory Content

  • Health and Safety Content

Media and Entertainment


Translating media, movies, scripts, and games require a high level of linguistic skill. The translators often need to adapt the content for local culture to achieve the best result. 

Lotus specializes in the following areas:

  • Script Translation

  • Subtitling

  • Dubbing

  • Voice-over

  • Transcreation

  • Customer Survey

  • Website

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